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    Latest Tri-level Inverter Tech UPS

    Time: 2017-4-21   By: www.upsen.net

    More and more consumers prefer smart, high efficiency and intelligent UPS now. Considering the changeable market and consumers' demands, and through our few years' development and reserch, UPSEN recently launched a new UPS model Queen Star Plus Series UPS 6Kva and 10Kva, which are highly satisfied by clients when it put on the market due to the application of Latest Tri-level Inverter tech. Now lets explian u whats Latest Tri-level Inverter Tech as follows:

    Traditional two level half bridge inverter tech

    New Tri-level Inverter Tech

    Advantage of UPS with Tri-level Inverter tech:

    1: Latest soft switch tech in the boost PFC, enable to reduce the PFC IGBTs voltage spike and switch loss, and improve the UPS capability to withstand lighting and Instantaneous anti over-voltage.

    2: Latest Tri-level inverter control tech, makes UPS whole efficiency 94%, and improve UPS load capacity to support Air Conditioner, Laser Printer etc sensitive loads.

    3: Frequency multiplication controlled PFC circuit to reduce the volume of magnetic components, and makes UPS more smart and efficient.

    4: PFC and INV adopts hardware current limit design, effectively accelerate the response time of current limit and improve the reliability of UPS

    5: More optimized structure layout, makes the UPS size smaller.

    6: Compact design, lower material cost and cheaper price.

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